Strong calls for Climate Justice at Occupy COP17 General Assembly


The first general assembly of Occupy COP17 took place after a night of unrelenting storms. Rivers flooded, hillsides become landslides and tragically lives were lost. The urgency of addressing climate change and the needs of those most at risk could not have been more painfully poignant.

Against a backdrop of a banner reading “Conference of People”, discussions took place which encompassed everything from corporate influence to energy and food security. The need to address the needs of the many verses the vested interests of the few was a constant theme.

Over the coming few weeks, as the deadlocked negotiations take place in the Durban ICC, we will create a safe, welcoming and inclusive space for everyone to talk honestly and openly. We welcome everyone to share their struggles, to imagine a more equitable world and to work on real, lasting and fair outcomes. We welcome delegates to come and speak openly and honestly, unhindered by the lines being fed to them by their political and corporate bosses.

We will publish more comprehensive notes from general assemblies, as well as videos and photographs, in the coming days.

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