Hundreds March for Climate Justice

Today ambassadors for small island states addressed the Occupy COP17 general assembly. We heard from Ronny Jumeau from Seychelles, Dessima Williams from Grenada and Marlene Moses from Nauru. These islands are among those most at risk from rising sea levels. A 2 degree rise in global temperature, which is almost certain if the current course of the talks is followed, would lead to their homes and traditional cultures being buried by the ocean. Their impassioned pleas were for people to mobilize and make sure that those within the COP17 got a clear message that delay is not an option, and that strong and decisive action to reduce emissions needs to happen now!


With song and dance, hundreds of people from the Rural Womens Assembly arrived at Speakers Corner for a rally. They were then joined by hundreds more from One Million Climate Jobs, and then everyone took to the streets, signing, dancing and chanting for climate justice.



This was a taster for what will happen here tomorrow, when the Global Day of Action march takes place in Durban and around the world. 20,000 people will make their voices heard, going right past the ICC where delegates will not be able to ignore the calls of the people.

We cannot and will not be silent in the face of the suicide pact being sanctioned by rich nations and imposed on the entire planet.


We demand an end to market based solutions to climate change, and instead call for just and equitable solutions that include immediate and binding emissions reductions and for developed nations to pay their historical climate debt.

Join us, starting at 9am at Botha’s Garden/Dingizulu .




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